Comprehensive Banking Solution

Dotin has successfully designed and implemented a total suite of banking solutions to fulfill the needs of banks and financial institutions around the world.

We aim to create an environment based on honesty and integrity. The culture of Dotin thrives on creativity, innovation and performance.




About Us

Dotin is a leading provider of SOA-based multi-channel software products for banks and financial services insitutions. Dotin has vast experience in implementing successful solutions for some of the biggest banks in Iran. We strive to lead in the development of the industry’s most advanced financial technologies. Through our solutions and services, we translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers.


Total Banking & Payment Solutions

Dotin is one of the leading active companies in the IT and banking industries which provides its clients with various financial products and services including an industry leading total banking solution suite.

Retail and Universal Banking

Dotin since its inception has taken a holistic approach to banking and payments and has designed the systems as per the requirements of banks transacting business in all client areas: private individuals, small businesses, companies and large multi-nationals.

Islamic Banking & Finance

Islamic financing traditionally was designed to satisfy the desire of muslims to live in harmony with their religion. Now Islamic Banking is taking a more conventional role and is desired by non-Muslims as well. The financial crisis in 2008-2009 caused a crisis of confidence within certain client banks, leading them to search for a more “ethical” form of financing. Islamic financing is perceived by some of them as the possible answer to their expectations.

Online Banking

In today’s competitive environment where customers demand convenience and ease of access, retaining customers on the basis of conventional banking is not possible. Attracting and retaining customers requires us to provide banking and related services on demand at their convenient place and time.

Monitoring and Control

Dotin’s monitoring system also knows as ‘paymon’ is a proactive “Transaction Monitoring” solution which brings you complete visibility throughout the lifecycle of your payment transactions. The solution works regardless of the underlying payment system infrastructure or the protocols in use and has been designed for omni-channels including POS, ATMs. Mobile, Tablets, Internet.

Payments Processing

With the traditional client/server computing model running its course and giving way to network-based, distributed computing, middleware which helps integrate applications and processes has emerged as the fastest-growing sector of the technology industry. Financial institutions are now looking toward financial middleware technology as means to differentiate their businesses. They are also looking to modern, innovative, low-cost solutions to help drive down the cost of implementation and maintenance.


Transformation and Migration

Dotin has vast experience in transforming a bank from one state to another and migration of banks technology from one system to another system. In the majority of cases data conversion was carried out by the vendor (Dotin) but in some cases the bank preferred to carry out the migration in-house. Dotin always follows a ‘Mock’ conversion exercise first especially if the bank is not planning on running two systems in parallel and is planning a big bang migration from old system to the new system.

Operations & Support

Buying and implementing a system is not the end of the project life-cycle; the real challenge lies in maintaining the system to continue the company’s operations in the most effective and efficient manner. The system must provide optimum performance at all times so that the customer benefits from the system completely and cost effectively.


In order to stay competitive in the market today, businesses need to think out of the box and need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Staying ahead of the game and achieving long term success requires business transformation. Dotin consulting services deliver end-to-end integrated solutions and services to help your business transform according to the market requirements.


Many small to medium banks are moving towards the trend of not wanting to directly manage their IT, but, instead, would prefer to adopt to a more flexible solution better suited to their size and volumes processed.


ISO27001 is the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Implementing ISMS in an organization requires sufficient security domain expertise. Dotin ISMS certified consultants and its partner, Risk Associates, have the expertise to help organizations achieve compliance in accordance with the ISO27001 standard. We offer: ISMS Gap Analysis, ISMS Risk Assessment, ISMS Implementation Services, ISMS Pre-Audit services, ISO27001 Certification Trainings, ISO27001 Third Party certification and Coordination and Assistance


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